Hi-Viz First Aid Kit




Hi-Viz First Aid Kit

This high visibility first aid kit is compact and easy to carry, making it ideal for anyone who works alone that might require first aid treatment. It contains numerous first aid essentials as well as a safety whistle, making this first aid kit particularly appropriate for forestry workers, tree surgeons, gardeners and road maintenance workers.
The bright orange fabric makes this kit stand out, so if you put it down or drop it whilst working it’ll be easy to spot. Please note that this high visibility first aid kit should only be used as personal protection for outdoor workers.
in Orange Soft Bag

  • High-viz kit for dangerous work
  • Designed specifically for outdoor use
  • Forestry, arborist, tree surgeon, etc
  • Ideal for public road maintenance
  • Suitable content for serious injuries
  • Belt loop
  • Dimensions: 13cmH x 9.5cmW x 5cmD

1 BurnSoothe Burn Gel 3.5g
1 Eye Pod, 20ml
1 Finger Bandage
1 First Aid Guidance Card
10 Plasters, Washproof Assorted
1 Resuscitation Device
1 Safety Whistle
1 TraumaFixPressure Dressing
2 Wound Cleansing Wipes