Emergency First Aid at work ( Hospitality) Monday 11th December


Title: First Aid for Hospitality Staff

Course Description:
This course equips hospitality staff with vital first aid skills to handle common medical emergencies in a hospitality setting. It focuses on practical, hands-on training.

Course Objectives:
- Recognize and respond to various emergencies.
- Provide basic life support, CPR, and AED usage.
- Manage wounds, burns, and allergic reactions.
- Assist choking individuals.
- Handle shock and musculoskeletal injuries.
- Maintain first aid kits and communicate effectively.

Course Outline:
1. Introduction to First Aid in Hospitality.
2. Common Medical Emergencies.
3. Basic Life Support.
4. Wound Care and Bleeding Control.
5. Managing Shock and Injuries.
6. First Aid for Specific Situations.
7. Practical Scenarios and Hands-On Practice.
8. Maintaining First Aid Preparedness.
9. Communication and Professional Help.

Certificate Information:
- Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work for Hospitality Staff.
- Issued by an accrediting organization.
- Valid for a specified number of years.
- Includes participant's details, course title, dates, issuing authority, signature, certificate number, level of certification, date of issuance, and course content description.

This course empowers hospitality staff with essential first aid skills, ensuring the safety and well-being of guests and colleagues. Upon completion, participants receive a Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate.


Please note we now only supply E Certs as standard , Hard copies can be ordered with an additional charge details available at the course